Travel Nursing: Finding the Right Assignment

You have the credentials and experience needed to become a travel nurse. What’s next? Picking the travel assignment that works best for you can seem like hard work, but having an idea of what you want can make it much easier. Here are important things to consider when finding the perfect travel assignment:


Think about the places you’ve never been before and dream of visiting. Or maybe a place you enjoyed so much you want to visit again. Location is a primary factor to consider when searching for a travel nursing assignment. Within that location you want to dig into things like activities, weather, and lifestyle. When you work with a medical staffing agency, they have the expertise and resources to connect you with career opportunities in places you want to work. 


Different facilities will offer a new experience. Maybe you’ve already worked in a hospital, and now you’re looking to apply your skills elsewhere. Experience and credentials can vary between facilities and assignments, so be sure to verify if you meet their requirements. Medical staffing agencies can be of great assistance to help you find a facility that is right for you and your career goals. 

Cost of Living

Regardless of where you want to work, the cost of living is going to vary. Explore different neighborhoods in your city of interest to find what location is best for you. Walkability, crime, accessibility, parking, and cost are all important factors to keep in mind. Read blogs, connect with professionals who live and work in the area, and talk with friends to learn more about the city you’re considering to contract in. To make your transition to a new city easier, ECMStaffing offers increased hourly rates and tax free travel/housing stipends.  ECMStaffing also has extensive blogs about living in Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Idaho, and Arizona.

Perks of Working with a Medical Staffing Agency

At EMStaffing, you’ll be assigned a recruiter that will take the time to get to know you and your career goals, and alleviate the stress of assignment searching. Through one-on-one planning, your recruiter will discover the contract assignments you’re interested in, types of facilities you want to work in, and the places you want to work. All of this information comes into play as your recruiter finds you the perfect travel assignment. 

Ready to travel and connect with a recruiter? View current travel nursing opportunities or call us at 253.475.0695.

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