Why Partner With ECMStaffing?

Our Mission

“Our Mission at ECMStaffing is to serve our Community, Clients, and Employees by providing our Partners with highly qualified Healthcare Professionals.”

The Best in Contingent Staffing!

Qualified professionals are a rare commodity in today’s fast paced, ever changing, healthcare marketplace. Healthcare organizations, both large and small, face the same staffing shortage dilemmas nationwide. Staffing deficit issues are often compounded by the high costs of recruiting, screening and hiring the right candidates, employee retention efforts, the geographic locations of rural facilities, fluctuating patient censuses, and State and Federal regulatory requirements. Staffing challenges, among other things, can have long lasting effects on any organizations bottom-line. Why not partner with a trusted industry leader that understands the temporary staffing needs of your healthcare organization?

ECMStaffing’s precautionary on-boarding procedures assure our clientele receive the highest qualified healthcare professionals. ECMStaffing will diligently work with your healthcare organization to create a staffing plan that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations – offering your facilities flexible staffing options and operational stability.

New-Hire Policies and Procedures

ECMStaffing’s policy and procedural requirements afford our clientele peace of mind. Every ECMStaffing employee undergoes a thorough initial screening process, where all required licenses, certifications, credentials, and immunization records are verified before commencing with employment. Additionally, ECMStaffing conducts current and previous employment verifications on all new-hire candidates, and a minimum of two clinical references are completed for all new-hires applying for local and travel contract assignments.

JCAHO Required Testing

JCAHO required testing, specific to the healthcare providers experience and licensure, is completed during the hiring process. ECMStaffing uses a third-party healthcare professional testing firm to administer the required exams online. The standard testing requirements consist of Competency Examinations, Pharmacology Examinations (when applicable), Dysrhythmia Examinations (when applicable), Core Mandatory Tests I, II, III, and a completed Skills Checklist (selected per the healthcare professionals specialty). Completed exams are printed and stored in every employee’s hard file, and copies of finished exams are uploaded in our contingent staffing database for easy tracking. All employees are required to complete the JCAHO standardized testing with passing scores of 80% or higher (specific to their experience and licensure) annually as part of ECMStaffing’s file auditing policy.

Background Checks

State and Federal background checks are processed for each new-hire candidate. These background checks include but are not limited to: (1) Address History Trace. (2) Social Security Number Verification. (3) County Criminal Search. (4) Federal Criminal Search. (5) Sex Offender Search. (6) FACIS Level 3. (7) OFAC. (8) OIG. (9) EPLS/GSA. (10) NSO (National Sex Offender). (11) WATCH (Washington State Patrol Background Search) or relevant State Background Search.

Drug Screening Procedures

ECMStaffing is a drug-free employer! Every employee is required to complete a 10-panel drug screen (within 48-72 hours of hiring) showing negative results before being sent to facilities for assignment. Potential new-hire candidates with positive drug screens are ineligible for employment opportunities with our Company.

Drug Diversion Policy

Upon being notified from a vendor or facility, employees suspected of narcotic or drug diversions are required to complete a 10-panel drug screen within 24 hours. Non-compliant employees are immediately terminated and the issue is reported to the State Nursing Commission for investigation review.

Performance Evaluations

Current or previous employer performance evaluations are requested from all new-hire candidates as part of our new employee on-boarding process, and ECMStaffing requires all active staff members to have annual performance evaluations completed at assigned facilities. If employer performance evaluations are unavailable during the hiring process, a current performance evaluation is completed when the staff member is sent for their first assignment.

Annual Evaluations

Every active employee has an annual performance evaluation completed internally by ECMStaffing’s Director of Operations, and feedback regarding the internal performance evaluation is shared with the staff member as part of our employee improvement program. Completed employee evaluations received from the supervisory staff of our clients are reviewed by ECMStaffing’s management, and copies are added to the staff member’s file.

Employee Files

ECMStaffing maintains accurate, complete and up-to-date files on each active staff member (including all of the records and information listed above). Employee files also include documentation related to the applicant’s identity and work authorization as required by the Department of Homeland Security. Specifically, E-Verify checks are completed on all applicants.

Employee File Auditing and NURSYS e-NOTIFY

Audits of employee files are conducted weekly to verify required licenses, certifications, testing, and immunizations records are current. Email reminders are sent to employees with expiring items 60 days before the credential expires, and telephone calls are made to employees with credentials expiring within 30 days. On rare occasions, employees with expired credentials are in-activated within our database and are not eligible to work assignments until the credential is updated and current. Additionally, ECMStaffing actively participates in NURSYS e-NOTIFY as a secondary precautionary component of our employee credentialing and file auditing policy program.

Placements and Orientations

Qualified applicants are offered assignments based specifically on their licensure, skill-level, recent experience, and the needs of our clientele. A special emphasis is placed on continuity of service whenever possible. All staff members are required to adhere to the orientation expectations, policies, and procedures of our clients and the facilities we serve.

Continuing Education

ECMStaffing encourages all of our medical professionals to participate in on-going educational courses. On-going client and facility orientations are available for ECMStaffing employees wishing to participate in such services.