Company Reviews

“I had a great experience.  Everyone at ECMS is very kind and helpful.  I took a local assignment since we just moved to Washington State.  They are very understanding and very reliable.  Highly recommend this Staffing Agency for nurses!” Yuki B., RN

“Great staff, extremely timely communication. Always a pleasure to work with and for!” – Naomi W.

“Working with Emerald City Medical Staffing has been a total pleasure. During my time with ECMStaffing the staff have been very professional, organized and able to answer questions quickly and efficiently and the staff are very friendly. Last year I took a month off to travel overseas to see my family. When I came back, they were so happy and boom started getting more shifts than I could handle. I was so impressed by how they remembered not only that I was out of town but sent me some gift cards. I have worked for many other agencies and companies and none have been so caring and supportive. If I don’t move out of WA State I would continue working with them. I wish I could take them with me! I highly recommend them to any healthcare provider looking for a great company.” Peter G., CNA

“I have been working with Emerald City Medical Staffing since 2010 and they make finding shifts throughout the South Sound extremely easy! All I have to do is call and request a shift and wazam you have work. They remind you when your certifications are up and are always available to answer questions.” – Tamara G., RN

“I have been with ECMS since 2012. I have a wonderful relationship with Micah and Jennifer. I don’t feel like just another nurse for them. They are looking at my schedule frequently to try to get me 40 hours every week. I don’t need to call them to see what they can get for me, they make it their job to keep me working! It is rare I have short weeks. I am a very seasoned agency Nurse so I feel I am giving good advice to which agency to work for and not. I fully recommend ECMS-love them to pieces! Thank you!” Wendy C., LPN

“I have worked for Emerald City Medical Staffing going on seven years and am proud to be associated with them. They offer very competitive wages and a variety of assignments. The office staff are always efficient friendly and considerate. Very family oriented atmosphere. It’s been a pleasure!” – Joe G., RN

“I have been with ECMS for 2 years and a half, and I have always been treated fairly and with respect. I have always been paid on time and never shorted. I Have enjoyed working here and will continue to as long as I remain in this area. Thanks for all you have done for me.” – Sabrina H., RN

“Great staff, positive, proactive company to work for. I’ve referred/suggested 4 nurses to work for the company already.” Naomi W., RN

“Emerald City has always been professional and caring to me personally. Their integrity is the highest. I am always offered as much work as I want and have never had to go to another agency to fill my employment needs. I highly recommend them to other nurses.” – Valerie F. RN

“The office staff is always easy to work with, efficient and professional. They offer employment opportunities at a variety of facilities throughout Washington and Oregon, and there is always an abundance of shifts available to fit your schedule. Great company to work for!” – M. J.

“I moved here from Texas about 4 months ago and received phone calls from various agencies and this one stood out. They got me work within a week and are very professional. This is an awesome company and they are very friendly and personable.” – Sheila M., RN

“I have done both contract and per diem nursing for Emerald City and have no desire to leave. I have never had a problem or error on their part and anytime I have an issue with a facility they respond timely and professionally. They make it easy for me to keep my time flexible and they are efficient and timely as well. 3 yrs now and would recommend them to anyone interested in agency work.” – Janice P., RN

“Great staff. They went above and beyond for me. Thanks!” – Jason J., RN

“ECMS is a fantastic company to work for. They take care of their staff members and are extremely flexible. Great company to be a part of. Pay is great, flexibility is available, attentive to their employees needs, and care about their staff… cant ask for more!” – Lauren N., RN