Travel Nursing Spotlight: Idaho

Idaho may be famous for its potatoes, but it also boasts a strong healthcare system. There are many opportunities for travel nurses – and plenty of activities to do outside of work too.

Healthcare in Idaho

Idaho ranks 18th in national healthcare and has affordable healthcare for its residents. When the Affordable Care Act began, it required people to buy their own healthcare plans. However, Idaho was one of the states that decided to create their own state marketplace, offering different healthcare plans. Through Idaho’s plans, residents can apply for income-based assistance. This helps cover out-of-pocket costs and lowers health insurance premiums.

Since Obamacare began, many states offered Medicaid to single, low-income adults. If residents want to apply for Medicaid in Idaho, they must meet the state eligibility requirements.

Children’s health insurance is covered through Idaho’s Children Health Insurance Program (CHIP). This provides low-cost health insurance for children who qualify.

Nursing Licensing Requirements in Idaho

There are two paths to become a nurse in Idaho. Individuals can choose to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN). Becoming an LPN requires a one-year diploma, whereas an RN requires a two-year associate’s degree (ADN) or a bachelor’s degree (BSN).

An LPN program usually requires a high school diploma and focuses on patient care. LPNs must take the NCLEX-PN. After passing this exam, individuals can begin practicing as an LPN.

ADNs and BSNs need to begin with five prerequisite courses in the nursing field. Then they start the RN program, which requires more intensive classes. BSNs usually take courses such as naturopathic health, bioterrorism, and management. RNs will take the NCLEX-RN, and after passing the exam, RNs can start practicing.

If nurses want to pursue a higher career, they can become an Advanced Practice Professional Nurse (APPN). This requires a graduate degree in a specific program. Idaho recognizes four types of APPNs:

There are also six nursing certifications:

Lastly, nurses will become licensed in Idaho by filling out applications based on their situation. Nurses should renew their license every other year.

Popular Attractions in Idaho

There are many activities to do in Idaho. There’s a variety of dining and entertainment options and popular landmarks such as Idaho Falls, Bogus Mountain, and Lake Coeur d’Alene.

Idaho Falls has a exciting downtown area with shopping and entertainment. Lake Coeur d’Alene and Bogus Mountain are places with beautiful views worth visiting. They also offer food, art galleries, nightlife activities, and more.

With its healthy lifestyle, beautiful scenery, and interesting attractions, Idaho may become the next popular area to move to as a travel nurse.

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