City Living: Travel Nurse in San Francisco

San Francisco may have many cloudy and foggy days, but being a nurse in San Francisco can only mean sunny days ahead. San Francisco is home to some of the highest-paid nurses in the country, which would make coming to the bay area a perfect idea for travel nurses.

San Francisco Botanical Gardens

In this 55 acre piece of land, 8,500 different types of plants grow from all around the world. Because of its unique climate of mild temperatures, dry summers, wet winters, and fog, it creates conditions in which many different types of plants can flourish.

The San Francisco Botanical Gardens started in the 1930s. By 1940, the garden was open for visitors, and now, over 70 years later, the garden continues to bloom year-round. In addition, the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society supports a youth education program that serves over 10,000 students and children every day. They also sponsor community events and house the largest horticultural library in northern California. Taking a walk through this garden would be like taking a trip around the world.

Other Famous Landmarks

The Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39 inside Fisherman’s Wharf, and Alcatraz Island are other great places to see in the Bay area. There are so many breathtaking views and never-ending dining and entertainment choices. Everywhere you go in San Francisco is an opportunity to take photos or to just enjoy the view.

The Life of a Travel Nurse in San Francisco

Since San Francisco is part of California, they enjoy high salaries, good benefits, and a strong demand for work. The average median salary for nurses in California is around $100,000. They also have a nurse-to-patient law that prevents nurses from being overworked. Although this law is beneficial for nurses, with over 13 million people on MediCal, people need nurses’ help more than ever.

Since the demand is high, this means that nurses have the chance to work a high number of hours. There are options to work part-time and the choice to work a regular 9-5 schedule, but nurses who work in specialized areas with a supervisory position can earn even more.

Living in San Francisco may have a higher cost of living, but a nurse’s salary is more than enough to cover it. Besides, a travel nurse usually has their travel and housing expenses paid for, so it would be even more affordable for a travel nurse. So when you take your next assignment into consideration, think about making San Francisco your next destination.


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