City Living: Travel Nurse in San Diego

Living in San Diego, California is one of the best places for a travel nurse. Not only is the weather great, but nurses in San Diego are some of the highest-paid nurses in the country. This, combined with all of the sightseeing possibilities and seaside views, makes San Diego an amazing destination.

Beaches and the Torrey Pines Natural Reserve

San Diego is known for its beaches and perfect year-round weather. You can see residents going out to the beach almost daily and enjoying the ocean view. One famous beach is Del Mar, which literally means “by the sea” in Spanish. Other than Del Mar, there’s an abundance of beaches to visit, and the smell of the sea will probably never get tiring.

The Torrey Pines Natural Reserve is a 1,500 acre reserve home to the rare Torrey Pine, maritime chaparral, and clean, unspoiled beaches. There are also lagoons for sea birds who migrate every year. At Torrey Pines, you can walk along trails or exercise in the stunning environment. It’s a well-cared-for location that residents continue to enjoy.

Arts and Culture

Although San Diego is known for its beaches and natural attractions, the arts and culture are still very much alive. Balboa Park boasts beautiful flowers, exhibitions, art museums, and the famous Old Globe Theatre.

The Old Globe Theatre is 80 years of history in the making. It was modeled after Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and was built in 1935. The Old Globe continues to produce 15 mainstream productions every year and is one of San Diego’s largest art institutions. Over 250,000 people visit each year to watch the performance and be a part of the theatre’s art programs and services.

Why Live in San Diego?

San Diego may have many attractions and travel destinations, but they also pay nurses higher than many other parts of the country. In fact, San Diego boasts one of the best salaries for nurses in the country.

There are about 31,400 nurses in San Diego. This makes up about eight percent of the nursing workforce in California. The average salary is currently $34.97 an hour, which is above the average pay for nurses. This makes San Diego a very desirable place to live and work in.

So the next time you’re considering where to go next as a travel nurse, you might choose San Diego. It could be for the pay, the beaches, or the arts, but before you know it, San Diego could become your new permanent home.

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