City Living: Travel Nurse in Boise

Boise, Idaho may not sound like the fanciest city to live in, but rest assured, there are still plenty of fun activities to take advantage of in this attractive city. There are amazing sights to see, as well as many dining and entertainment options. Being a travel nurse in Boise won’t seem so bad with these travel ideas and low costs of living.

Boise City Department of Art and History

At the Boise City Department of Art and History, there are a variety of events to attend. The department holds occasional gallery talks, where people can engage directly with artists, experts, and artwork. They can hear curators and educators speak about each piece and the collection itself. The gallery talks mainly focus on specific aspects of the exhibit or collection. Visiting one of the gallery talks will be a great way to learn about the art Boise has to offer.

Another place within the Boise Department of Art and History is the James Castle House. This house is dedicated to James Castle, who had a sense of discovery and wonder in his personality and life. Now people can visit the location for free and attend performances and tours. The house is also a center for historical and contemporary exhibits, community partnerships, and the Artist-in-Residence program, which allows artists to live at the James Castle House.

The artists can live there for up to three months and afterwards, you can see the work they’ve created and hear how living at the James Castle House inspired them. If you’re looking to fulfill your inner artist, this is a beautiful location to visit.

Snake River Canyon

At Twin Falls, the Snake River Canyon is a canyon that cut through basalt to create this 50-mile natural attraction. It also boasts two large waterfalls and many springs. The stunning Perrine Bridge is 500 feet above Snake River and it is the only place where you can do base jumping year-round.

Why Live in Boise, Idaho?

Idaho may not be as popular as other states, but there are still plenty of reasons why you should move here. Boise offers many positions for travel nurses, and since there aren’t as many nurses, the salary may be higher. With less competition from other nurses, there are also many opportunities for career advancement along with a lower cost of living. With all of this combined, it makes for a comfortable lifestyle.

Boise is a beautiful city when you take the time to look for the natural gems in it. Having Boise as your next destination isn’t such a bad idea when you think about the attractions, low cost of living, and career opportunities.

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