Why to Choose a Travel Nursing Job in Seattle

Many nurses are interested in the idea of travel nursing, but there are so many enticing locations they’re not sure which one to choose. If you’re evaluating jobs in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is probably high on your list. Explore some of the benefits of choosing this West Coast city for your next assignment.

Most Popular City in America

While Huffington Post named Detroit as the least-liked city in the nation, Seattle was the number one favorite. Fifty-seven percent of people polled love Seattle for its eclectic flair and rich history.

Seattle is a legacy city like New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington D.C. People wanted to live there before Starbucks and Microsoft, resulting in a variety of housing options and a rich cultural heritage. Downtown is undergoing explosive growth, adding more apartments in the last decade than in the previous 50 years. Despite the population density, Seattle leads the nation in public transit options, keeping pace with growth to make things manageable for commuters.

Unique Outdoor Opportunities

The Pacific Northwest is home to the geoduck, clams that average more than two pounds each and selling for more than $15 pound. Join the great blue herons and bald eagles along Hood Canal and fill your bucket with geoducks during clam season. Catch the largest clams in the Pacific with your bare hands to live like a local.

In most cities the size of Seattle, residents trade nature for urban opportunities, but Seattle sits at the base of Mt. Rainier, a glacier-carved volcano that stands 14,411 feet tall. Work off the stress of the day by cycling the 21 miles from Lake Washington to Puget Sound passing houseboats at anchor, quirky urban sculptures and abandoned train tracks.

Killer Whales

You may have seen them do tricks at Sea World, but, in Seattle, they roam free in Puget Sound. View them in their natural habitat throughout the year.

Accepting Locals

At first people feel Seattle residents are reserved, but most are transplants, so they warm up quickly. Once Seattle was a mostly Scandinavian town full of guarded fisherman, and the city adopted their reserve. Nurses at Seattle’s top hospitals often feel the pinch that comes with being short-staffed, and they’re grateful when travel nurses step in to help.

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