What You Need to Know About the Weather in Chandler, AZ

Arizona is known for having some of the hottest weather in the country. While working as a travelling nurse, your career could take you to the Chandler, AZ area, and you should have some idea of what to expect when it comes to managing the local weather and beating the notorious Arizona heat.

Average Annual Temperatures in Chandler

Temperatures in Chandler can easily break 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer, but highs rarely exceed 111 degrees. Summer months in Chandler are swelteringly hot and dry, and winters are generally mild compared to most of the rest of the country. Lows during the winter hover in the high 30s, but lows rarely dip below 31 degrees. Early July to late August tends to be the hottest time of the year, while early December through early February tends to be the coldest.

Precipitation in the Chandler, AZ Area

Rain is a rare sight in Arizona, and a “wet” day in Chandler includes any day with rainfall over .04 inches. Early July through early March is Chandler’s wet season, but there is only about a 10% chance of a wet day on any given day during this time. August tends to be the wettest month of the summer in Chandler, and most rainfall throughout the year happens around mid-February. The chance of rain in the area reaches its annual peak during the first week of August.

Most Comfortable Times of the Year to Visit

If you have the option to choose when you’ll be working in the Chandler, AZ area, you probably want to know when the weather will be most comfortable. According to the Chandler, AZ tourism scoring report, the best times to visit to enjoy outdoor activities are mid-April through mid-June and mid-September until late October. Outside temperatures should fall between 65 and 80 degrees during these times.

Travelling nurses who have the opportunity to work in Chandler during peak times will have lots of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Visiting during the cooler times of year can be refreshing if you’re accustomed to the blisteringly cold winters of the northern states. Chandler is a great option for a traveling nurse to discover for outdoor fun.

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