What Will You Pursue? Top Medical Jobs in 2015

There are hundreds of job types within the medical field. The health care industry is one of the most rapidly growing and secure careers to pursue. New positions open every day, and the most in-demand positions fluctuate from year to year. This year’s shining stars are positions whose work-life balance and pay grade make them attractive options, and some can be attained with relatively little schooling.

Education Intensive Jobs:

Dentist – With a median salary of over $140,000 per year, relatively regular hours, and a good work-life balance, this profession tops the list of in-demand medical professions.

Physician – Doctors not only spend their days providing tangible assistance to others, they also enjoy a very comfortable salary and a high level of respect. Across the board, most physicians report a high quality of life and job satisfaction.

Physician Assistant – This type of professional works under a practicing doctor, performing many of the most interesting and rewarding functions of a fully trained physician. The position requires less schooling than a full medical degree, and it offers a generous salary.

Positions Requiring Less Formal Education:

Nurse Practitioner – In general, nurses are more in demand than ever, and that need only seems to be growing. Nurse practitioners are RNs who undergo additional training, which qualifies them to work in a higher-level position with additional responsibilities. Workers in this role report high levels of job satisfaction and enjoy flexible schedules.

Dental Hygienist – Requiring less than two years of school, this vocation is ideal for someone looking to start quickly in the professional field while earning a high salary out of the gate. Hygienists work educating and examining patients, and they can make over $70,000 per year while working on a part-time basis.

The medical field is constantly growing, so if you are searching for your ideal vocation, it might be an area to consider. Competitive wages, flexible schedules, and the ability to work helping others are a few of the benefits to starting a career in medicine.



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