What Candidates (And Hospitals) Should Look for in a Staffing Agency

There are thousands of medical staffing agencies in the United States, all of which are working hard to keep up with the increasing demand for high-quality medical staff. When medical workers are researching staffing agencies, how can they be sure they are working with a reputable company? Likewise, medical facilities need to know they can rely on the staffing firm to consistently provide them with excellent candidates. So how do you know when a medical staffing agency stands out from the rest?

Check Out the Company Website

It may sound superficial, but a great website is actually a sign of a good quality staffing agency. Consider the company website as a first impression. Sloppy or outdated websites mean that the agency doesn’t have the resources to reach out to candidates. Websites should be clean, easy to navigate, and informative. After all, that’s how staffing companies attract new candidates and clients. The staffing company’s mission statement and screening process should also be available on the site. If a staffing company wants to attract high-quality candidates, it should have a high-quality website.

Get to Know the Screening Process

The screening process is one of the most important aspects of medical staffing. Staffing agencies ensure that candidates are a good fit for employers through a series of personality screenings, background tests, drug screenings, and credentialing processes. By checking mandatory requirements, like OSHA compliancy, health tests, and licensing, staffing agencies can determine if a candidate is minimally qualified for a job. Then, the agency will conduct personality testing, skills tests, and other interviews to determine how well a candidate will fit into a particular position. An extensive screening process is a sign of a good staffing agency.

Read Reviews

Reviews are helpful when choosing a staffing agency. Other industry specialists’ opinions will provide an unbiased point of view on the company. Other businesses that have worked with the agency should be more than happy to talk about their experience. The internet is also a great way to research reviews from both candidates and clients, beyond what’s posted on the company’s testimonial page.

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