Unwind in Arizona’s Outdoor Paradise

A pandemic is stressful for everyone. With restrictions and health scares galore, the whole world has been a bundle of nerves during 2020. As a medical professional, though, this is doubly true. Pandemic notwithstanding, working in the medical field is stressful and taxing on the body, and the long hours can lead to fatigue and stress-related illness. Studies show that being outside and in beautiful natural areas can significantly reduce stress. If you’re finding yourself feeling overly tense over the strain of your job as a traveling nurse or doctor, a move to Tucson, AZ, might be the right choice for you.


De-Stress With the Mountains


Tucson’s gorgeous mountain ranges are a recipe for calm. With panoramic views of four mountain ranges, there is a beautiful horizon wherever you look. Boasting a wide array of gorgeous state parks, Tucson has some amazing scenery to get you outside and appreciating the good things in life.


Soak up Some Vitamin D


Winter blues are no joke, especially when you’re already feeling overwhelmed in other areas of your life. We all know by now that vitamin D is a wonderful help when it comes to seasonal affective disorder, depression, anxiety, and stress in general. With Tucson’s weather, you can pretty much bank on it being sunny most of the time, and your time outside work can be spent unwinding with the sun on your face. What could be better for stress?


Exerciser’s Paradise


Exercise is one of the main antidotes to cortisol, making it a prime activity when you’re feeling overwhelmed. As one of the top 10 most bikeable cities in America, and a leading location for marathons and races, there is absolutely no shortage of opportunities to get outside and exercise your stress away.


There are very few things that can make the jobs of medical professionals less stressful, but there certainly are ways to combat the effects of a demanding job. Consider taking some time and space for yourself and de-stress in Tucson.

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