Unique Spokane Landmarks Perfect for Your Next Break

As the demand for quality health care—and the expansion of several regional health care providers—continues in the Spokane area, many traveling medical professionals may find themselves relocating to the city in the upcoming months. If you’re among them, you know just how important it is to find fulfilling, enriching activities to occupy your free time. While you’re in Spokane, consider our list of some of the most exciting spots in the area:


  1. Riblet Mansion/Arbor Crest Winery. Built by an eccentric inventor who contributed several unique inventions to the local lore, Riblet Mansion overlooks the Spokane Valley and hosts its own winery. Stop by for samples of some great Washington wine and food, purchase a local brew, and stick around for one of the many concerts the site hosts during the warmer months.
  2. Riverfront Park. If you’re looking for a scenic, relaxing weekend visit, check out the gondolas and suspension bridges of Riverfront Park. Its 100 plus acres of waterfront land make it the perfect place to relax in front of a fountain—or view the Big Red Wagon sculpture at its heart.
  3. Greenwood Cemetery. Looking for something more off the beaten path? Take in the beautiful greenery—and supposedly haunted staircase—at Greenwood Cemetery. Legend has it that nobody can make it to the top of the “1,000 Steps” due to the presence of ghostly companions. Are you brave enough to try?
  4. Centennial Trail. If hiking in the great outdoors is more your style, check out the 37 miles of Centennial Trail, along the Spokane River and the Washington/Idaho border. Make it to Nine Mile Falls upstate by foot, horse, or bike, and you’ll have truly earned your stripes as a Washingtonian.
  5. Indian Painted Rocks. Somewhere around 1750, members of the Spokane tribe created several Native American pictographs on the rocks along the river banks of the Little Spokane River. You can see them today after just a short hike from the Little Spokane River Natural Area Parking Lot.

As you spend more time in the Spokane area, you’ll undoubtedly find your favorite local wonders. In the meantime, this list is an excellent start for any traveling medical professional—so be sure to take the time to enjoy the strange and beautiful sights Spokane has to offer during your next break.

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