Top Specialties the Travel Nursing Industry Needs

Some specialties call for travel nursing more than others. A natural disaster or epidemic might cause a demand surge at a specific location. However, there are some specialties that demand travel nurses all the time. If you want to have the widest range of job choices and pay options, consider specialties that will always present a high need for your services as a traveling nurse.

Emergency Room (ER)

Travel nurses with an ER specialty will find plenty of work wherever they choose to go. Every day in the ER is unpredictable. You never know from one minute to the next what’s about to walk through the door. If you think on your feet, thrive in a fast-paced environment and like the challenge of an environment that’s constantly changing, working as an ER nurse might be the best fit for you.

You’ll never be bored, and the job is fulfilling. You’ll have the opportunity to save lives on a regular basis and treat patients with a wide variety of needs.


Neonatal nurses care for newborns, some of which are born prematurely or with congenital ailments. Nurses care for babies who are premature, have low birth weights or other life-threatening conditions in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). Neonatal RNs work with a team to develop a plan to care for these babies as they struggle for life.

RNs must balance clinical responsibilities against the concerns of anxious family members. Sometimes babies don’t get better, and it breaks your heart. However, neonatal nurses express great satisfaction when they see a baby go from critically ill to a healthy baby going home with his or her parents.


Oncology nurses are specially trained to fight cancer. This specialty requires a series of courses in oncology and knowledge of cancer fighting treatments. Because of the additional training required, oncology nurses are in high demand.

Oncology nurses might administer treatment, help manage the effects of treatment, and monitor the progression of a patient’s condition. The job requires great compassion and offers great rewards.

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