Top Four Reasons to Be a Certified Nursing Assistant

Doctors and nurses increasingly rely on certified nursing assistants (CNAs) to perform crucial patient care. As a critical member of a medical facility, there are many reasons to choose a career as a CNA, from the emotionally rewarding nature of the work to the variety of possible work environments. Here are the top four reasons to consider becoming a CNA.

  1. Emotional Reward

Becoming a CNA is a worthy career option for anyone who wishes to help people, improve the quality of lives, and make a real impact on patients. CNAs provide unparalleled support to patients and others in medical facilities and can mean the difference between a patient suffering or thriving. Helping patients feel supported and loved is priceless and can give a real meaning to life.

  1. Affordable (or Free) Training

Unlike other health care professions, CAN training is inexpensive. The costs usually range from $300 to $1,500, and you can train in a variety of facilities. Hospitals, community colleges, occupational schools, and private institutions all provide CNA training at low costs. Many employers train CNA candidates on the job if it will benefit the facility.

  1. Low Time Investment

A person can become a trained CNA within just two months, versus upwards of 10 years for other medical professionals. CNA training programs usually require only 75 hours for certification and take about six weeks. In that time, the trainee can learn how to care for patients, how to make a positive impact within a facility, and how to change lives.

  1. Accessibility to Other Jobs

CNA training doesn’t require a lot of time or money and it looks great on a résumé. You have the opportunity to skip prerequisites for a nursing program and obtain professional guidance from registered nurses who can help you get jobs in the future. Job security for CNAs is a real draw, since US health care facilities need them more than ever.

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