There’s Something for Everyone in Great Falls, MT

With several clinics and two major hospitals, medical professionals are flocking to Great Falls, Montana. Ideal for those who don’t crave the big city bustle but who don’t want to be secluded either, the Great Falls area is home to about 60,000 residents. With lots of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and bicycling, and a great list of options for restaurants, museums, and indoor activities, Great Falls has options to fit everyone’s interests.


Outdoor Enthusiasts Love It Here


Centrally located between Yellowstone National Park, Payette National Forest, and south of Canada’s Banff National Park, Great Falls is perfectly positioned for outdoor enthusiasts. The Missouri River bisects the town itself and has plenty of opportunity for kayaking, canoeing, and fishing of all kinds. The river has also created some incredible waterfalls and beautiful cliffs, making hikes in the area stunning. The hills that make up the landscape are ideal for dirt biking and ATVs, while the rock formations create a haven for the avid rock climber. The area’s forests and snowy winters create perfect conditions for cross-country skiing.


Great Falls Art Scene Is Pretty Great


The town’s art scene is impressive as well, especially for the size of the population. Great Falls is home to Mansfield Center for the Performing Arts, a 1,700-seat theater that sees everything from opera to musicals to touring Broadway productions. The Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art is a beautiful tribute to visual art. At the same time, the area’s other museums focus on the rich history of the indigenous peoples in the area and the settler era.


As a medical professional, you don’t have to live in a big city to feel fulfilled both professionally and socially. Great Falls, Montana, is a wonderful example of how you can live life at a small-town pace without sacrificing good food, great art, and outdoor adventure.

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