The Traveling Nurse – Is It the Right Career for You?

Travel nurses get to explore different locations around the US and work with all kinds of people. However, nurses who value feeling like they’re “part of the family” may not like the idea of leaving a job after only a few months. The following are some benefits and some drawbacks travelling nurses reported experiencing.


New Experiences – Traveling nurses get to live a hundred lives. They can spend a few months soaking up the sun in Florida, then another few enjoying the Colorado ski season. Moreover, this profession provides nurses with the unmatched ability to meet new people and make friends in every state.

Less Workplace Drama – The average duration of a traveling nurse’s stay is relatively short, so there is no time to foster workplace rivalry or perceive discord. Many nurses are so immersed in their new experience that they are oblivious to the daily dramas that may surround them.

Paid Living Expenses – As a traveling nurse, many of your living expenses could be paid. Housing, travel, and food costs are often covered in addition to salary.


Pay Rate Fluctuation – Each hospital has different needs and different abilities. When working in various states, this becomes even more evident. The pay for nurses in New York is vastly different from an Arizona nurse’s salary, so pay changes come with the territory.

Cross-State Licensing – While this isn’t impossible, it can be inconvenient. A nurse needs to be registered in each region where he or she practices, which can involve a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy.

Unpredictable Schedule – Most traveling nurses cannot stipulate their preferred hours, so some assignments may have them working overnight while others might carry traditional schedules.

Travel nurses are one answer to the country’s nurse shortage. While staying in one location to work for several months before moving on may be ideal for some, it could be a nightmare for others. Assess your personality to determine how satisfied this unique job would likely leave you.


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