The Small-Town Feel of Kalispell, MT, Is a Perfect New Hometown

Not every medical professional wants to live in a big city. Though there is often more work to be done there, the hustle and bustle of metropolitan areas does not work for everyone’s disposition. Though it often seems like all the action happens in these places, it’s perfectly possible to lead a successful, fulfilling medical career away from a big city. With a growing number of people leaving it all for the simpler small-town life, medical professionals can easily find jobs and lifestyles that suit them away from the rush of the asphalt jungle.


Gateway to Glacier Park


The town of Kalispell, Montana, began in the late 1800s as a railroad town on the newly built cross-country route from St. Paul, MN, to Seattle, WA. The stop built in Kalispell was soon bypassed, but the town continued to grow despite this. Gaining businesses, residences, and eventually the reputation of being “the Gateway to Glacier Park,” the town has seen steady growth since its inception in 1891. Now it’s a town of about 25,000, the perfect size for staying socially sane while avoiding city life’s constant rush.


Not Too Many People, but Loads to Do


Though it isn’t a particularly populous area, Kalispell is chock-full of things to do. For the outdoor lover, there are incredible state parks in the area for leisurely weekend hikes and picnics. Of course, being the gateway to Glacier Park, residents have the privilege of having the National Park in their backyard and are perfectly poised to explore the area at length in their free time. For cold or rainy days, the town has two amazing museums, one dedicated to the area’s history and the other dedicated to art. There are incredible restaurants and breweries in town as well, most of which still sport the vintage-looking facades that give the town a turn of the century western vibe that is so charming. This area is truly a haven for any medical professional looking to slow down and savor the good things in life.



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