The Joint Commission and Your Next Assignment

The Joint Commission certification is one of the most prestigious accolades a hospital can get, but how does it affect you as a medical professional? It means higher quality of staffing agencies and a more streamlined process for candidates to follow. It also means Joint Commission-certified staffing agencies are committed to serving clients by matching the best candidates with the right clinicians. There are several benefits to working with a hospital that has Joint Commission certification.

Improved Quality and Increased Accountability

This is maintained through workforce consistency standards. That means candidate qualifications are similar throughout hospitals. This maintains standards for the vetting process as well as the hospital’s care. Candidates must file a lot of paperwork yearly, but it also provides assurance that everyone you work with has reached identical quality standards. This increases employee satisfaction and a facility’s reputation. These high expectations apply to the staffing agencies, also. They’re held accountable for placing the right candidates in the appropriate facility based on their qualifications.

Larger Job Selection and Streamlined Process

The Joint Commission believes an outside audit is necessary to achieve and maintain quality, credibility, and customer satisfaction in hospitals. This results in a bigger pool of jobs for candidates, because many hospitals use managed service providers (MSP) or vendor management systems (VMS) to list job positions. To qualify to post with MSP or VMS services, the employment agency needs to be Joint Commission certified.

If you’re currently working with an agency that isn’t Joint Commission-certified, you may be missing out on thousands of employment opportunities that offer more flexibility, better locations, or higher pay. Other benefits of working with Joint Commission-certified staffing agencies include a streamlined credential process between facilities, an identical orientation process from hospital to hospital, and confidence in knowing that contract approval time is fast and legally compliant.

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