The Best Coffee in a City Known for Coffee

Containing the University of Washington’s medical center and Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle holds an incredible reputation in the medical community. Job opportunities abound, and there is unbounded potential to grow and learn. Housing some of the best doctors in the world, it’s no wonder that America’s medical professionals are flocking to Seattle en masse. But even though medical professionals are passionate about their work, there are other perks of moving to Seattle that cause the industry’s top doctors and nurses to pack their things for the Pacific Northwest, the most delicious of these being coffee.


Have a Bit of a Coffee Addiction?


You don’t get through medical school, finish your residency, and get licensed and certified without developing at least a little bit of a coffee addiction. Being the birthplace of Starbucks, and therefore the birthplace of coffee as we know it today, Seattle sure knows a thing or two about how to make a good cup of joe. However, the mermaid-clad corporation is far from the only cafe in Seattle that knows what it’s doing when it comes to coffee. Cortona Coffee in the Central District, for example, does amazing coffees of all kinds, with exceptional cafe food to match. Farther north in the Ballard District, Watson’s Counter serves wonderful flavored coffee drinks without making them too sweet, a rarity in the world of flavored espresso drinks. South of downtown in the West Seattle neighborhood, you can find Sound and Fog, a no-frills joint serving up some amazing locally roasted coffee, as well as specialties like nitro coffee, espresso-sodas, and a monthly Nordic coffee pour-over demonstration.


Though coffee may not be the main reason you pack up and move to the city by the sea, it probably won’t hurt. With exceptional coffee, a thriving medical community, and some of the prettiest landscapes in the country, Seattle is perfect for your next adventure.

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