Stream These Three Shows to Get Ready for Montana

Once you arrive for travel nursing work in Montana, there will be plenty to do to keep you busy. However, getting ready for work in a new place is half the fun. Knowing what life is like there can help prepare you for what the state will be like. Though TV and film aren’t necessarily realistic versions of a state, they can offer insight into the area’s landscape, culture, and pastimes. If you’re looking for the next show to binge on Netflix or just want a glimpse at life in Montana, check out these three fantastic bits of media set in Montana.


Twin Peaks


Arguably one of the most popular shows in recent decades, Twin Peaks was a television sensation when it first aired in the 1990s and quickly cultivated a tremendous cult following. After leaving audiences with one of the most suspenseful cliffhangers in TV history when the show left the air in 1991, the show returned in 2017 to continue telling the story of eccentric FBI Agent Dale Cooper and his investigation of the murder of high school student Laura Palmer. The show becomes a mind-bending, surreal, and emotional thriller and is one of the most binge-worthy shows you can stream if you love mystery and suspense with a bit of 90s nostalgia.




If you’re in the mood for a newer series, Yellowstone premiered in 2018. Starring Kevin Costner, it tells the story of a feud between a cattle ranch owner, a Native American reservation, land developers, and the protected land of Yellowstone National Park. The story unfolds with a tale of ruthless landgrabs, corrupt politicians, and the personal struggles of reconciling a billion-dollar legacy and obligations to family. Critics describe it as a view of the best and worst of American life through the eyes of a family that straddles both sides of the line. The second season of Yellowstone is currently airing on Thursday evenings on the Paramount Network, so you have plenty of time to catch up.


A River Runs Through It


For those who prefer films, A River Runs Through It tells the story of a man growing up in Missoula, Montana as the son of a Scottish Presbyterian minister who loves fly fishing. The narrator, Norman, played by Craig Sheffer, grows up alongside his brother Paul, played by Brad Pitt, and the two learn from their father how to read the flow of the river and understand the intricacies of fly fishing. The two brothers wind up taking very different paths through life and eventually find their way back home, helping each other and learning from their very different experiences through life.


Shows Vs. Reality


These shows and movies might offer a glimpse of life in Montana, but they aren’t completely representative of reality. Montana is a vast, often misunderstood state with a lot to offer anyone from any walk of life. As a traveling nurse, you likely have countless opportunities to work in interesting places throughout the country, and you should absolutely consider accepting a work assignment in Big Sky Country. Twin Peaks, Yellowstone, and A River Runs Through It are spectacular stories that offer different experiences and thematic elements, but each one showcases the natural beauty and splendor of Montana in different ways.


Traveling nurses have the unique opportunity to experience life as a citizen of many different places. Whether you’re looking for ways to spend your days off between shifts or want to plan a getaway for a few weeks after your next assignment, Montana is a great place to visit or live. Movies and TV shows really can’t do justice to the beauty and opportunity of Montana, so make it a point to experience it firsthand.

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