How to Stay Positive in a Health Care Job Interview

Job interview questions can be especially challenging for health care professionals. In a people-oriented field with so much on the line, employers need to know that prospective employees are friendly, competent, and positive – people who would make a definite contribution to the hospital at which they are applying.

Putting a positive spin on difficult interview questions can be your Number 1 tool for a successful interview. One example of a tough interview question may sound like this: “What do you think of your last boss?” This question is to scope out what your relationship was like with your previous employer, so the interviewer can gauge how loyal you are to your old facility and what the chances are of you badmouthing him or her in the future.

Regardless of how horrible your previous boss was, your answer should reflect the things you learned from the experience, such as, “Her strict attention to detail taught me to be a more careful health care provider, and to go above and beyond my call of duty.” This will show the interviewer that you’re mature enough to learn from bad experiences and responsible as a professional.

Another dreaded interview question is, “What is your greatest weakness?” The interviewer is looking for honesty, but the way you spin your answer makes all the difference. Use real details from an experience in your past that proves you overcame a tough limitation. Strive for the confession/recovery answer – first, confess your weakness. Then, recall how you managed (or plan on) recovering from that weakness in a real way.

For example, you could say, “Some people might think having no experience in this field is a weakness. However, it makes me highly trainable and open-minded, with no bad habits established from other jobs.” Spinning your weakness into a strength is a great way to turn a question minefield into a goldmine.

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