Seven Interesting Facts about Phoenix

If your travels as a medical professional are about to send you to the Phoenix area, you’re likely aware of the area’s sunny desert climate, diverse population, and loads of recreational opportunities. However, the sixth-largest city in the US is also one of the most interesting. Check out our list of the most exciting facts about Phoenix you’ll need to know before moving to the Valley of the Sun.

  1. Phoenix doesn’t observe Daylight Savings Time. In 1973, Arizona Governor Jack Williams announced that the state of Arizona would not observe the yearly time shift. The Navajo Nation, on the other hand, has chosen to observe Daylight Savings Time.
  2. The Legend of the Phoenix. Phoenix shares its name with the legendary bird that continuously dies in flames and rises from the ashes. Pioneer Darrell Duppa named the area after observing the ruins of the Hohokam civilization and stating his belief that another great population would rise from the ashes.
  3. Maricopa County’s size. The county that partially contains Phoenix—Maricopa County—encompasses about 9,266 square miles. The area has over 4.5 million residents and is larger than the state of New Hampshire.
  4. America’s sunshine hub. Most people know that Phoenix gets a ton of sunshine, but the National Climatic Data Center recently revealed just how much. The area receives the most sunshine of any metro area in the US, receiving sunshine in over 85% of its daylight hours.
  5. Golfer’s paradise. If you like to spend your weekends on the golf course, you’re in luck. Phoenix boasts over 200 local golf courses in the greater metropolitan area.
  6. Home of Arizona’s Navy. Even though there isn’t a large body of water for over 75 miles, Phoenix once hosted the two vessels that comprised Arizona’s Navy. The fleet was placed here to defend Arizona from an impending invasion by California.
  7. Native culture. Arizona itself, as well as the Phoenix metro region, is home to 22 different Native American tribes. Their influences on Phoenix culture are seen throughout the city.


These are just a few of the hundreds of fascinating things about the Phoenix area. If your next traveling nurse assignment finds you here, you’ll undoubtedly uncover many, many more.

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