Pike Place Market—Five Must-See Sights

If you’ve found yourself in the Seattle area as part of your journey as a traveling medical professional, your days are likely busier than they’ve ever been before. However, finding a healthy work-life balance is important—take the time to see some of the can’t-miss Seattle destinations in your downtime.

Seattle’s Pike Place Market

As one of Seattle’s most popular tourist attractions, the Pike Place Market is well worth the trip. We’ve compiled a list of sights you absolutely must see while you’re there—and experiences that just may have you coming back for more:


  1. Pet Rachel the Pig. Rachel, the Brass Pig, stands at the Public Market Corner and is 500 pounds of brass swine. Rub her nose, donate, take a quick photo, and you’ll reportedly be rewarded with good luck.
  2. Check out Beecher’s Homemade Cheese. Here, you can watch local craftsmen make cheese through a viewing window. Cheddar wheels, cheese curds, and even Beecher’s famous Mac and Cheese (made with 100% Beecher’s homemade cheeses, of course) are available for purchase inside.
  3. View the Gum Wall. Sure, it’s kitschy. Sure, it’s a little gross. However, it’s also a Pike Place staple you must see at least once; whether or not you’ll be able to add your gum to the thousands of pieces stuck to the Post Alley wall remains to be seen.
  4. Visit the original Starbucks. There’s just something about the vintage appeal of the original location of this worldwide chain. Better yet, you can complete your mug collection with products only available at the Pike Place location.
  5. Try a Piroshky. This Russian pastry staple is a specialty of an iconic Pike Place shop—the aptly named Piroshky Piroshky. You’ll likely need to wait in line, but the wait is well worth the dozens of sweet and savory pastries you’ll find inside—pick up a baker’s dozen for your troubles.

Come for the fish throwing; stay for the food and goods. Spend a few of your days off at the Pike Place Market, and you’ll quickly learn why it’s a Seattle staple.

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