Nursing Contracts: Travel vs. Local

As a travel nurse, you’re not limited to only going far from home. Did you know you could opt for a local contract as well? If you’re looking to stay a little closer to home, it’s worthwhile exploring this option. Let’s take a deeper look at the two different types of contracts.

Local contracts

Local contracts allow nurses to choose a position that is closer to home. There may be certain radius rules in place that can vary from facility to facility. For example, you’d still be considered a travel nurse, so a hospital may require you to live 40 miles or further. If you choose a local contract, expect longer commute times or set up additional temporary housing. It’s important to learn the rules for the positions you are interested in, so be sure to connect with people that can guide you in the right direction.

This is a perk of working with medical staffing agencies. Emerald City Medical Staffing has dedicated industry experts to help you find a local contract that works for you. They know all the rules when it comes to determining eligibility for local contracts. Plus, they’ll learn about what you want and show you available positions you qualify for. 

Travel contracts

Travel contracts let you pick any city or state you’d like to work in, and work in available positions. You’re farther from home and would typically always find housing near your work. As a travel nurse, you’re able to take advantage of housing and travel stipends, relocation allowances, contract extension bonuses and other benefits as well. If you’re looking to explore new places, this type of contract may be best for you. 

Certain facilities may offer better incentives than others, and on top of that, medical staffing agencies have their own benefits. ECMStaffing has a number of perks for travel nurses that you can check out after this post.

Which one to choose?

The type of contract that is best for you will vary depending on your goals, desire to travel, and other factors. For example, time commitments will be different from contract to contract, so you’ll need to figure out all the smaller details of the type of work you’re looking for. Do you have responsibilities at home you’d like to be closer to? Do you want to explore an entirely new place? Working with industry experts will help you find positions that fit you best.

Ready to take the guessing work out of finding positions that work for you? Reach out and connect with a recruiter today. View current travel nursing opportunities or call us at 253.475.0695.

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