Nursing and Your Health: How to Stay Healthy on the Go

Nursing focuses so much on helping others that we often forget to take care of ourselves. But you’re better equipped to provide for your patients if you rest and follow a health-enhancing lifestyle. It isn’t acceptable to use the excuse of long hours or shift work for not exercising or eating healthy. Discover how other nurses are finding time to take care of themselves while juggling their work schedules. Start small by incorporating one or two of these healthy eating tips into your daily routine, and add more when they become habit.

Eat Multiple Small Meals

Eating one large meal contributes to calorie overload and slows metabolism. Instead, bring several small snacks to eat throughout the day. Mixing a protein with a vegetable or fruit will provide the most satiation.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated is the secret to keeping all body organs functioning properly. Water moves nutrients throughout the body and removes wastes. Drink at least eight cups each day. Water is best, but you can occasionally substitute fruit juices or decaffeinated teas. Sodas aren’t a good alternative, as they contain too much sugar and often caffeine.

Be Prepared

Exercise is just as important as eating well, but there’s nothing less motivating than forgetting a piece of workout gear. Set out everything you need the night before so there’s no excuse to miss a workout.

Mix It Up

There are strategies that get the body moving regardless of what your work situation is. For example, you can burn just as many calories in half the time when you challenge different muscle groups. Jump on a cardio machine for five minutes, and switch to another for an additional five minutes. Keep switching until you’ve hit 30 minutes.

Grab Two Dumbbells

If you have two hand weights and a chair, you have an in-home gym (or wherever you are). You get a full body workout without wasting time changing machines. Start with presses, crunches, pushups, squats, and curls. Add more when you get comfortable or bored with those. You can find endless options for using free weights with a quick search online.

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