Medical Jobs With the Highest Demand for 2017

The medical field is one of the most important and dependable industries in our nation. Some jobs, however, are seeing better growth than others are. If you are entering the medical field, it helps to know where your services are needed most, and where you are likely to earn the salary you need.

Registered Nurse

This is perhaps the most in-demand medical career in the country. Registered nurse positions generated at least 580,000 new jobs in the last year. As nurses retire in the upcoming years, this number will increase. Registered nurses have some of the most flexible and interesting jobs in the medical field as well. They can specialize in any number of areas and often have unique opportunities. For example, some RNs work as traveling, military, or flight nurses.

Home Health Aides

Home health aide jobs are increasing as baby boomers retire and current aides move into different careers. Home health aides care for those who are homebound or unable to care for themselves. They often build lasting relationships with clients. A home health aide career gives you the opportunity to learn from the older generation and ensure older patients maintain their dignity.

Medical Assistants

If you enjoy clerical work, being a medical assistant might be for you. This job tends to grow faster than average and is in demand across the country. Medical assistants keep track of patients, medication, and other medical data. They are invaluable resources for doctors, nurses, and other personnel.

Dental Assistants

Dental offices are always in need of assistants, and that number seems to be always growing. Dental assistants take X-rays, sterilize instruments, and perform other much-needed tasks. They take active roles in educating patients about dental care and answering dental health questions.

Health Care Administrators

If you have ample experience in the medical field and are great at organization, consider going into health care administration. Administrators oversee the vast structures that are hospitals and clinics. They help doctors and other personnel stay organized and are at the crux of an ever-evolving medical industry.

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