Klamath Falls, OR, Offers all the Best Qualities of the Pacific Northwest

Smack dab in the middle of some of the most beautiful national parks in the world lies Klamath Falls, Oregon, a modest town that has attracted large numbers of medical professionals as of late. With its beautiful parks, lush forests, and impeccable ski runs, it’s no wonder that doctors and nurses are flocking to live out their free time in this beautiful area. The area boasts a fair amount of clinics and a modest hospital, making it an ideal move for medical professionals who want a little more work/life balance and a breath of fresh air.


Originating in the mid-1800s, Klamath Falls began during the Oregon Trail migration. Picking up steam in 1909 with the Southern Pacific Railway construction, the town was a thriving lumber community until the Great Depression. Since then, the town remained small until the last decade brought economic revival with the installation of an air force base and the Oregon Institute of Technology. Now the town supports nearly 50,000 residents, making it the perfect-sized hamlet for a life-work balance.


Outdoor Spaces Perfect for Adventures


The most impressive part about Klamath Falls is its outdoor spaces. With hike-worthy mountains and a craterous lake, river rapids, and lava beds, the area has some truly diverse terrain for the modern adventurer. Though there are no falls titled “Klamath Falls,” the city does include “Link River Falls,” to be found on a perfect Saturday hike. Nestled on the edge of town is Willamette Pass Ski Resort, a well-loved destination for ski bunnies around the country. No matter the season, there’s always something to do in Klamath Falls.


Keeping active and chasing adventure is a natural part of life, especially for medical professionals who know the profound benefits of exercise and socialization. If your sense of adventure needs a transfusion, consider moving to Klamath Falls to revive your spirits.

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