Keeping It Weird (or Normal) in Portland, OR

Living a life of science doesn’t mean you have to be normal. Though it’s probably best to behave regularly while on duty, there is no reason you can’t be your quirky self outside work. No city knows this better than Portland, OR. The self-proclaimed “weirdos” of Portland have created an environment in which everyone is encouraged to be themselves, and there are plenty of opportunities to do so. From exotic restaurants to quirky independent bookstores to haunted hikes, there’s something to scratch everyone’s non-medicated itch.


Haunted Hiking


In terms of the outdoors, Portland is a wonderful place to enjoy nature of all kinds. The quirkiest of such endeavors being a hike to “Witch’s Castle,” located in the city’s Forest Park. Said to be the site of star-crossed lovers, accidental murder, and subsequent hauntings, the dilapidated cabin is a really neat sight to behold, especially for fans of the supernatural or true crime junkies.


Roller Disco, Anyone?


If hauntings and tall tales aren’t your thing, head over to Oaks Park, the oldest running roller rink in the country. Though the activity largely went out of style in the ’80s, Portland’s people have held onto their skates for dear life, and the arena is wildly popular. There are even competitions if you want to get your freak on.


There’s Normal Stuff Too


Though Portland is proudly weird, there are plenty of non-quirky activities in town to try. Portland is known for one of the most normal things a person can do: eating. From VooDoo Donuts to Ruby Jewel Ice Cream to one of the city’s 58 breweries, the spirit of eating and drinking is alive in Portland.


Though Portlandia portrays it as a very strange place, Portland is only as strange as you make it. If you’re seeking a little quirky city adventure, stop by. There’s bound to be something within city limits to make you smile.

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