If You’re a Wine Lover, Medford, OR, Is the Place to Be

There are few things more universally relaxing than a nice glass of wine at the end of the day. Aside from understanding the antioxidant properties, many medical professionals partake in this ritual and appreciate the value of a truly good glass. Though Napa Valley is the most famous West-Coast wine destination, it is often overcrowded and can be overwhelming. For those looking to relax, Oregon has an equally wonderful wine country that is truly a hidden gem in the Pacific Northwest.


Medford Offers Incredible Number of Wines


In southern Oregon, Medford boasts upwards of 90 wineries in the town and surrounding areas. Because of the Pacific Ocean and the mountain ranges located in this part of the world, the Medford wine country has the unique ability to create different kinds of varietals simultaneously; the climate in terms of grapes varies drastically from areas by the sea to areas inland to mountainous regions. This provides for a truly incredible range of wines and an absolute paradise for wine lovers. Though many of these wineries do their work extraordinarily well, Dancin Vineyards is highly rated by guests for its tasting room and wine club options. RoxyAnn Winery is another fan favorite, boasting wonderful service and delicious, affordable varietals.


Great Hikes Abound in the Area


Luckily for your liver, there are other wonderful activities in which to indulge in Medford, OR. The area is known for its beautiful, scenic trails and expansive lakes, perfect for the avid hiker. The Oregon Caves are nearby as well, a unique stop for anyone who has seen the famous caverns in photos but who hasn’t experienced them. Perhaps most notably, however, are the area’s lavender fields, a must-see for anyone who loves the wildly relaxing smell of the lavender bud.


Medford, OR, is home to a truly relaxing and leisurely way of life. Whether it’s sipping a glass of wine with the sunset or inhaling the flowers, or hiking out some endorphins, it’s impossible to stay tense in a place so thoroughly wonderful.

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