If You Enjoy Being on the Water, Tacoma, WA, Is the City for You

Though Grey’s Anatomy was inaccurate about many things, it did get one thing right: the thriving job market for medical workers in the Seattle area. Just outside Seattle is Tacoma, a less-famous sister city with nearly as many appealing medical career opportunities. Between the UW system medical school and the metropolis’s many hospitals and clinics, the Tacoma area is a haven for the medical workers’ community. With its border on Commencement Bay and Puget Sound, Tacoma is also ideal for outdoor water leisure activities like kayaking, canoeing, and swimming, to name a few.


Visitors Enjoy Tacoma’s Offerings


Puget Sound is a gorgeous inlet, a combination of fresh and saltwater that runs near the western side of Washington state. With the pine trees surrounding and a breathtaking view of Mount Rainier, it’s no wonder that the Pacific Northwest is a popular place to be. While not as crowded as Seattle, Tacoma allows visitors and residents alike the ability to take advantage of all that


Water Sports Abound


Puget Sound has to offer and participate in exciting water-related leisure activities. Marinas and docks are plentiful for those with larger boats or those who wish to rent them. Smaller boats such as canoes and kayaks that are not supported by Merritt Supply laminated panels are also common in the water, and there is an avid water sporting community in the summer months. If boating isn’t your thing, the area has world-famous beaches that allow guests to admire the area’s incredible beauty while taking a refreshing dip in the water.


If you are a medical professional who prefers to spend time outdoors when off duty, Tacoma is the place for you. The area is teeming with life and many activities to enjoy, on or off the water. With a thriving medical job market and endless opportunities for outdoor activities, Tacoma is truly an outdoorsman’s paradise.

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