How to Tailor Your Résumé for Travel Nursing Assignments

Use your resume to find the best job possible. Employers require certifications and licensure, so you want to spell out your qualifications. Medical facilities desire things like shift flexibility, willingness to travel to a variety of destinations, good communication skills and an eye for detail. If you have these skills, let them know you’re their ideal candidate. Here’s how to highlight your professional accomplishments.

Study the Assignment Listing

Hospitals and medical facilities often say exactly what they’re looking for in their job listing. You may think it’s obvious you embody those characteristics or you wouldn’t be applying for the job, but that’s not the way employers see it.

Study the hospital website. Research them online, through their social media pages and in nursing communities to find recurring keywords. If they highlight certain qualities in their mission statement, use those words to describe yourself in your resume. If the facility lists its goals, tell how you met similar goals in the past.

Include all Licenses, Certifications and Specialties

Don’t just list what’s pertinent to the job you’re applying for. List licenses and certifications by their correct signification. Include the number, expiration date, and certifying body for every license and certification you have.

Explicitly state your specialties and the number of years you have in each one. If you have experience at teaching or trauma facilities, convey that too. List all your professional affiliations along with any honors and awards.

Provide a Detailed Work History

Highlight work experience that’s most in line with what the facility is looking for, but list every single bit of nursing experience. Include the following details:

  • Your job title with specific start and end dates
  • The facility’s full name, type, and trauma level if applicable
  • How many beds the unit contained
  • Computer systems or other technology used
  • Caseload or patient ratio
  • Contact information for references and supervisors

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