Fun Things to Do in Oro Valley, AZ

Oro Valley, AZ is a city whose citizens think outside the box when it comes to fun activities and hobbies. If your career as a traveling nurse takes to the Oro Valley region, you will have no shortage of fun during your free time between shifts. You may even want to stay a bit longer once your assignment is over for a mini vacation in one of the most fun parts of Arizona.


When you work as a traveling nurse, you can explore new places you visit for work during your free time. Spend a day off taking in the local culture, exploring locals’ favorite spots, and find new things to love everywhere you go. If your travels take you to Oro Valley, you’re sure to find lots to see and do.


Unique Fun Spots in Oro Valley


Traveling for work means the chance to experience a slice of life in a new place for a few weeks or months. It also means you have the opportunity to scout potential places to live when you decide to settle down for good. Oro Valley is an attractive place to live or to visit for several reasons, and you’ll be surprised what the community has to offer in terms of unique fun.


Do you enjoy drive-in movies, or have you always wanted to experience one? Drive-in theaters may have fallen by the wayside for most of the country, but many small communities keep this fun tradition alive with drive-in movie events. Every month in Oro Valley, the local driving range hosts a drive-in movie night. On the third Saturday of every month, pull a golf cart up or roll out a blanket to enjoy family-friendly entertainment.


If you’re a music fan, you’re sure to enjoy the free concerts at Steam Pump Ranch. Every first Friday of each month, you have the chance to experience great live music accompanied by food trucks, catering from the nearby Sonoita Vineyards Winery, and heated patio seating in chilly weather. See local bands like the Hot Lizards, Wendy & the Boys, and Your Money’s Worth, performing hits from the 60s, 70s, and 80s along with great original music.


You may not be able to make every Steam Pump Ranch performance, but you will have plenty of other chances to see great local music in Oro Valley. On the second Wednesday of each month, a local group hosts the Oh for the Love of Music series, showcasing local musicians performing different styles of music for each session at the Gaslight Music Hall.


If you love the outdoors and the natural beauty of the American Southwest, you’ll find no shortage of outdoor fun to have in Oro Valley. Some of the best places to visit for outdoor fun in Oro Valley include the Tohono Chul Park, Pusch Ridge, and the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun. Arizona is famous for the warm desert climate and cloudless sky, making it the ideal place for hiking, biking, camping, and outdoor fun.


Why Traveling Nurses Should Visit Oro Valley


One of the best aspects of working as a traveling nurse is the chance to experience life in new places throughout the country. Many traveling nurses enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and opportunity this type of work offers, and they use their time traveling for work to scout potential locations to settle down.


Regardless of whether you’re looking for a place to live, a place to retire, or simply the best place for your next nursing assignment, Oro Valley deserves a top spot on your list of must-see places in the Southwest. Look for assignments in the area and take time to familiarize yourself with the local healthcare industry; you might find the opportunity to put down roots and start a career in a fantastic place to live.

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