Four Reasons Tacoma Is the New Seattle

When most people think of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is the first city that comes to mind. However, if you’re a traveling nurse whose travels have brought you to the Puget Sound region, it may be time to think creatively when it comes to your stay.

Consider Tacoma

Tacoma is a neighboring city—the TAC in SEA-TAC—that has come into its own in recent years. Its recent recognition as a top city for professional millennials has led some to call it “the New Seattle.” Here are four reasons why:


  • Beautiful weather. Sure, the Pacific Northwest, in general, has earned a reputation as one of the rainiest parts of the country; however, cities like Boston and New York receive more rainfall each year. The generally mild winters, warm summers, and idyllic spring and fall make Tacoma the perfect example of four moderate seasons.
  • Great public transportation. Whether you’ve chosen not to bring your vehicle, or you just don’t want to sacrifice your parking spot, Tacoma has a well-established public transport system. Choose from a bus or free (!) light rail to get to the downtown area, or utilize the same two options to continue to downtown Seattle.
  • Thriving social and nightlife. On your downtime, you’ll need to blow off a little steam, and Tacoma has you covered. From the art scene to the 6th Avenue shopping district, to the clubs and dive bars of downtown, there’s never a shortage of things to do.
  • Unparalleled access to the great outdoors. From Mount Rainier to Point Defiance State Park, Tacoma has no shortage of Mother Nature right outside your front door. Here, you’re well within driving distance of mountains, coastline, and forest, perfect for weekend hikes or sightseeing any day of the week.


As you can see, the Tacoma region offers many of the same amenities Seattle brings to the table—and more, when you consider the colleges and universities as well as its much more affordable price point. If your travels bring you to the region, Tacoma is undoubtedly worth your consideration.

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