Explore the Benefits of Travel Nursing

Men and women choose travel nursing careers for a variety of reasons. There are many enticing advantages and opportunities that lead to great career satisfaction in this specific niche. If you’re considering taking on a position as a travel nurse, here are some of the benefits you can look forward to.

Travel Nurses are Always in Demand

Hospitals predict their staff demands based on quarterly and seasonal needs. They make their predictions for three month periods, so demand always fluctuates.

Hospitals know someone fresh out of nursing school requires extensive training. They prefer nurses with experience, but often can’t find it locally. Travel nursing allows hospitals to hire experienced professionals who can hit the ground running after a brief orientation period.

Excellent Salary and Benefits

Employers know travel nursing requires you to be away from your family for long periods of time. Jobs are high stress and require flexibility, adaptability and extensive background knowledge. In order to attract the best nurses, medical facilities offer excellent compensation.

Travel nurses typically make between $65,000 and $90,000 a year after taxes. Your salary is only part of the picture. Travel companies offer health benefits, housing or a housing stipend and travel reimbursement. Some offer sign-on and completion bonuses. Many of your expenses are tax deductible, so more of your money stays in your pocket.

Travel companies also provide their employees with medical, dental and life insurance at no cost. 401(k) plans help you start building your retirement.

Growth Opportunities

Map out your future and choose the opportunities that help you get there. Travel nursing helps you not be limited by what’s available locally. Learn how to use the latest technology by working at top medical facilities. Experience different regions of the country to decide where you’d like to eventually settle. Many travel companies offer continuing education so you can continually add to your knowledge and update your skills.

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