Experience the Great Outdoors in Oro Valley

Oro Valley is a smaller, suburban community located just outside the Tucson metro area. As a popular place for professionals of all types looking to escape the busy city, Oro Valley boasts several unique nature activities just outside the town limits. If you’re a traveling nurse settling in the area, you’ll undoubtedly want to experience some of Oro Valley’s natural wonders.

See Nature in Oro Valley

During the spring, fall, and winter months, Oro Valley’s outdoor experiences are unmatched. Here, we’ve listed some of the best activities for nature lovers in the area:


  1. Saguaro National Park. From the countless giant Saguaro cacti that produce Arizona’s state flower to the challenging trail system, Saguaro National Park has something for everyone. The visitor’s center features many nature exhibits as well as printed guides for the extensive trails located within the park—try the paved, winding Cactus Forest Loop Drive for a leisurely walk through a dense cactus forest. For a more challenging hike with a rewarding view, take on the Bridal Wreath Falls Trail.
  2. Catalina State Park. Whether you’re into RVing or camping in a tent under the stars, Catalina State Park could be your solution. Tip—get up early and hike to see views of the Pusch Ridge Mountains at sunrise; or, wait until near dusk and see the incredible color variations of the Arizona sunset. No matter what time of day, Catalina State Park is full of varied trails for every age and skill level, perfect for mountain biking, hiking, or a leisurely afternoon stroll.
  3. Honeybee Canyon Loop. If you’re looking for a great view of the Catalinas, Honeybee Canyon Loop is the spot. Whether you’re a mountain biker seeking a single-track biking trail, a newbie hiker searching for a relaxing hike, or an adventure seeker on the hunt for a challenge, the trail system here has something for everyone. Depending on the time of year, be aware of local wildlife—especially in the dusk or pre-dawn hours.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of beautiful scenery and breathtaking hikes in the Oro Valley area. If your travels bring you to the region, take the time to observe Arizona’s natural beauty in one of these three prime locations.

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