Experience Four Seasons in the City of Seven Wonders

Since Flagstaff is located within Arizona, which is well known for its year-round hot weather in many areas, many outsiders assume Flagstaff is subject to triple-digit temperatures year-round. However, due to Flagstaff’s position near the San Francisco Peaks and its 7,000 feet of elevation, the city experiences all four seasons. Read on for an overview of what traveling nurse professionals can expect during each:


  • Spring—in Flagstaff, spring includes a broad mix of weather, including sun, snow, rain, and wind. Expect average temperatures in the 50s to the 70s, with nighttime temps dipping below 25. In short, expect the unexpected when you spend springtime in Flagstaff.
  • Summer—unlike the triple-digit heat most of the rest of the state experiences in the summer, the warm season in Flagstaff is much milder. Temperatures regularly reach the upper 70s and low 80s but can fall to as little as 35 degrees at night. While beautiful, sunny days prevail, the chances for a surprise rain shower in the afternoon are never far away, so be sure to have an umbrella on hand.
  • Fall—the beginning of the cool season is a beautiful remarkable sight in Flagstaff when the trees change from greens to reds, golds, and oranges. With evening temperatures averaging around 30 degrees and daytime temperatures cresting at 50, the crisp air is a welcome relief from the warmer summer months. The first snowfall usually occurs in early November, but accumulation is unlikely this early.
  • Winter—if you’ve been searching for snow in Arizona, look no further than Flagstaff. The winter months are full of the white stuff, and if you enjoy hiking and the local nature hotspots, you’ll need snowshoes. Temperatures can drop below 10 degrees, though the average highs are a much more comfortable 20 to 40 degrees.


If you’ll be moving to Flagstaff for your traveling nursing career, it’s important to prepare for all four seasons. However, the sheer natural beauty of the area and the vast selection of activities make Flagstaff the perfect destination for medical professionals.

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