Deciphering Interview Code: What Interview Questions Mean

During your interview with a medical staffing agency, you will probably be asked several questions aside from the normal questions about your career. When medical staffing agencies are interviewing you, they have to be sure you will be a good fit for their roster of medical facilities. The interviewer may ask questions about why you chose a certain nursing path, how you handle patient care, and other questions. The questions you are asked help the interviewer determine your personality type and which position fits you best. Learn the meaning behind these four important questions.

What Is Your Nursing Specialty?

Aside from the obvious placement purposes, medical staffing interviewers ask this question because it reveals insight into your personality. There are many different types of nursing careers and each one attracts a different type of person. An intensive care nurse is likely to be talented at lightning-fast thinking and hands-on care, while a clinical study nurse will have a penchant for research and learning.

How Do You Give Patients a Good Experience?

The nursing field is all about patient care and experience. At the end of the day, all nurses want to create a caring atmosphere and a good experience for their patients, but not all nurses accomplish that in the same way. This question allows the interviewer to assess your bedside manner and what patient care means to you.

What Technology Do You Have Experience With?

This question will determine if you need additional training. Hospitals use a wide array of technology, from electronic medical records to CAT scans. Your expertise with certain kinds of technology will dictate which department of the hospital you will excel in.

How Do You Handle Stress?

The healthcare industry has varying degrees of stress. Some jobs are slightly more relaxed, while others will have nurses running around on their feet all day. If the interviewer asks you this question, he or she is trying to find out if you can handle the everyday stress of the ER, or if you’re better suited for a more relaxed position.

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