City Living: Travel Nurse in Seattle

Seattle is such an interesting place to live, especially if you enjoy rainy weather, good coffee, and abundant trees. For travel nurses, Seattle offers great career opportunities and many places to explore.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is a public market made up of hundreds of farmers, small businesses, craftspeople, and residents. Together it creates a special community where everyone is essential to the neighborhood. Pike Place Market helps low-income individuals and gives them low-income housing among other resources with the organizations and advocates who push to help others. There are also other services that help out residents, such as a food bank and preschool.

The market itself is full of different foods to try and even has live music. With a historic arcade, and interesting alleyways, it’s an experience that will awaken the senses to different sights, sounds, tastes, and textures. The Pike Place Market sells old collectibles such as records and comics that will give a blast from the past.

Visiting the Pike Place Market is an experience within itself and it’s something that people can’t miss if they live in Seattle.

Mount Rainier

From gardens to hiking or gondola rides, breathtaking Mount Rainier offers an abundance of activities to do and sights to see. There are hikes and trails to explore and beautiful waterfalls. If walking is tiring, there’s horseback riding or mountain biking. At Mount Rainier, the experience will be nothing short of amazing.

Other Activities in Seattle

Living as a travel nurse in Seattle will bring many chances to see new things. The nightlife in Seattle is excellent, with a variety of lounges and bars to enjoy and live music to listen to on a fun night out.

Art is everywhere in Seattle. People can check out the art museums around the city, see a ballet show at Pacific Northwest Ballet, or listen to the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.

Living in Seattle as a Travel Nurse

Living in Seattle will mean plenty of exploring and good pay that will cover the cost of living. In the Emerald City, travel nurses will be able to advance in their career, meet new people, and enjoy life while drinking great coffee and watching the rain.

Living in Seattle as a travel nurse never seemed so attractive. Taking advantage of being a travel nurse and choosing to work in Seattle will definitely be a rewarding and interesting experience.

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