City Living: Travel Nurse in Portland

Portland is not just a city for trying foods and enjoying beautiful landscapes. This city is also home to organizations that support and promote nurses. Coming to live in this city will give a boost to your career and a boost to your cuisine experience.

Portland’s Parks

Portland’s Parks are a place for everyone to play, relax, and enjoy the sights the city has to offer. The parks have fountains, trails, recreational activities such as tennis and golf, dog-friendly areas, and swimming pools. Portland puts in a huge amount of effort keeping the parks clean and the plants strong and healthy.

For entertainment, Portland’s parks offer concerts, movies in the park, a dance studio, and a community music center. There, residents can show support for the arts and participate in events for themselves or their families. There are summer camps children can participate in and sports programs for all ages. Sports include archery, soccer, basketball, fencing, martial arts, and more. When you come to one of Portland’s parks, you’ll be able to relax or occupy yourself with the many activities the park offers.

Portland’s Center for the Arts

Portland supports art through this art center as well. Each year, they bring 1,000 musical theatre performances to downtown Portland and attract over 1 million people to see these shows. Portland’s Center for the Arts is the 5th largest performing arts center in the country – with five venues. If you enjoy watching musical theatre shows and dancing, this would be a perfect fit.

Other Cities in Oregon

Besides visiting and living in Portland, there are other nearby cities to visit and explore. Bend is a place for thrill-seekers who enjoy adventure. There are activities ranging from skiing, rafting, and more. To see more of the history of Oregon, visit Salem to see historical sites in the downtown area, and explore the wineries in Willamette Valley.

Oregon Nurses Association (ONA)

The Oregon Nurses Association was founded in 1904 as a professional association for Oregon nurses. They are a member of the American Nurses Association and their message is that they want to support and provide services to ONA members. They also want to help promote nurses. Having an association like this is extremely helpful for nurses.

Oregon is a good place to be if you’re a travel nurse because of the organizations that are in place to protect nurses. In addition, there are many sights to see in Portland, such as theatre shows and the many parks around the city. There’s no limit to the amount of activities to do in Portland, which would make visiting here as a travel nurse a great idea.

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