Mountains, lakes, rivers, and farmland make up the landscape of Idaho. With gorgeous scenery and many natural attractions, Idaho is a top location for those who enjoy getting out in nature. Nicknamed the Gem State, Idaho offers plenty of recreational areas to explore such as Lava Hot Springs, Mammoth Cave, St. Anthony Sand Dunes, and Shoshone Falls. Visitors and residents alike enjoy hiking, camping, action sports, water sports, winter sports, and traveling the numerous scenic byways. For medical professionals, the state’s low cost of living and top-notch medical facilities make Idaho a great state to work and live!

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City Living: Travel Nurse in Boise

Boise, Idaho may not sound like the fanciest city to live in, but rest assured, there are still plenty of fun activities to take advantage of in this attractive city. There are amazing sights to see, as well as many dining and entertainment options. Being a travel nurse in Boise won’t seem so bad with…

Travel Nursing Spotlight: Idaho

Idaho may be famous for its potatoes, but it also boasts a strong healthcare system. There are many opportunities for travel nurses – and plenty of activities to do outside of work too. Healthcare in Idaho Idaho ranks 18th in national healthcare and has affordable healthcare for its residents. When the Affordable Care Act began,…

Make Your Next Travel Assignment One of These 4 Beautiful Places

Idaho is an underappreciated destination for travel nursing. The state has opportunities at top-notch facilities and many travel nurse positions offer competitive salaries, a range of benefits and additional perks like completion bonuses. Enjoy beautiful scenery with a low cost of living in cities that are some of the nation’s best kept secrets. Meridian The…