Are You Looking for a Career in Allied Health? These are the Fastest Growing Jobs

Healthcare has always been a fast-growing and lucrative profession. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ensures allied health career opportunities will continue increasing in the future. If you are seeking a career in allied health, you have a plethora of options. Knowing the fastest-growing jobs can help you select the best position for you.

Physical Therapists and Exercise Physiologists

Increasingly, healthcare has started focusing on prevention rather than treatment. One of the best ways to prevent disease or injury is to exercise, or to monitor physical disabilities or injuries you already have. Physical therapists and exercise physiologists are both in high demand. Physical therapists rehabilitate patients with chronic conditions in a variety of work settings, earning a current median salary of $79,860 per year.

Similarly, exercise physiologists work with patients to create exercise and wellness programs that will alleviate chronic symptoms. These medical professionals have flexible working hours and can specialize in various areas of medicine, including sports medicine. They earn a current median salary of $44,770 per year.


With so much focus on healthy eating and obesity prevention, dieticians are in greater demand than ever. Dieticians advise patients on the best eating habits for their lifestyles and goals. These professionals work with a variety of patients, whether they are obese, struggling with eating disorders, or simply seeking healthier lifestyles. The dietician field is expected to grow 21% by 2022, and the current median salary is $55,240 per year.


Eye health is critical to quality of life. If you wear glasses or contacts, you also need to ensure they are taken care of properly. Opticians help eye patients choose well-fitting eyeglass frames, adjust glasses, and repair broken frames and lenses. Additionally, opticians manage eyeglass or contact prescriptions. The optician field is one of the easiest to get into – many universities offer one- or two-year associate’s programs. The current salary is about $33,330 per year.

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