All You Need to Know About the Spokane Economy in 2020

If you’re a traveling nurse, you’ve likely had the opportunity to experience numerous cities during your career. As a result, you know that each comes with its unique heritage, things to do, and special considerations for those who live there. If your travels have brought you to Spokane, you’ll need to develop a basic understanding of the city as well as the local economy.

Spokane Economic Overview

Spokane is one of the major inland cities of the Pacific Northwest and serves as a hub for many industries. The Lilac City was founded on the forest and timber trade, owing to the over 30 million acres of forests in the area, which produce a quarter of the world’s white pine. This profitable business—as well as mining and agriculture—promises to keep Spokane on the upswing through the toughest of times.

Similarly, with the recent economic uncertainty through most of the United States, Spokane is fortunate to support several recession-proof industries. A new Amazon fulfillment center in the area boasts 1,500 employees, while the construction sector has multiple public works and private contracts in the pipeline for the upcoming year. Finally, with three major colleges and several large school districts, education is a significant employer in Spokane as well.

Regional Health Expansion

With the expansion of several regional health networks, including Kootenai, Providence, and MultiCare, many of the important health care names in the area are transitioning to an increased number of neighborhood clinics. Also, these providers are expanding technology and capabilities at specialty centers throughout the region, to bring specialized care closer to area residents. Combined with the two medical schools in the region, health care is on the upswing and looks to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

If your travels bring you to Spokane, it’s worth noting that the area is in the top 50 on Forbes’ list of best places for business and careers. With unexpectedly high job growth and average unemployment hovering around 5.5%, Spokane is a great city to consider when it’s time to settle down.

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