A Look at the Booming Market for Travel Nurses

Travel nurses fill a unique niche in the medical industry. They respond to nursing shortages in specific areas of the country for limited periods of time. While travel nurses have always been staples in the job market, they’ve recently experienced a boom in demand. Here’s why the demand will only continue to increase.

Hospitals Prefer Seasonal Staffing

Hospital needs fluctuate on a quarterly basis. They want plenty of qualified staff during peak seasons, but sometimes experience slower periods where they don’t need as many employees. This is especially true in states like Florida and Arizona. Retirees flock to warmer climates in the winter but return to their home states after they thaw.

Travel nurses provide a vital role in hospitals that experience seasonal need. They fill gaps during times when staff shortages could result in higher patient mortality.

Technology Makes It Easier to Find Jobs

Travel nursing has been around a long time, but the digital age has made it even more attractive both to medical facilities and to RNs. In the past, being away from family for 13 weeks was difficult. Now technology allows families to keep in touch on a daily basis.

The internet makes it easier to find the best jobs. It links major medical facilities to staffing agencies. Employees benefit when top hospitals compete to offer the best pay and attract the most qualified applicants.

Increased Population Age and Lifespan

As the baby boomer generation enters retirement age, they have an increased need for healthcare. According to the National Institute of Nursing Research, around 80 percent of people over the age of 65 have a chronic illness like arthritis, diabetes and heart disease. Many have multiple chronic illnesses.

Better healthcare helps people live longer lives. Travel nurses help the aging population manage chronic illness and enjoy their retirement. Demand for qualified RNs will only continue to increase over the next several years.

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