8 Things to Pack for Your Travel Nursing Assignment

Traveling nursing can be a rewarding career, but prepping for a 12-week assignment can seem daunting. The goal is to pack light while still having everything you need. Here are the essentials to consider when sorting your bags for your next assignment:

  • Bedding. A bed in a bag is compact, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting any pieces.
  • Clothing and scrubs. Consider the climate where you’re going and the hours you’ll be working. Don’t over pack items like dress clothing. Instead, take enough to last through a wash cycle or two, and check out bargain clothing stores for accessory pieces to make your wardrobe seem more expansive than it is.
  • Toiletry and personal items. Bring items that fit your personal preference, like cosmetics and hair styling products. Consider buying inexpensive basics like hairbrushes and blow dryers.
  • Kitchen items. Look for kits that contain all the staples and fit together easily. Then consider the additions most important to you. If you prefer your coffee first thing in the morning, bring your maker. Others find it easier to get a cup on the go.
  • TV, computer, and printer. A computer and/or printer are a must for many. Check with your agency to see if it provides a TV. If you won’t be watching a lot of television, you may get by with shows on your laptop via Hulu or Amazon.
  • Prescriptions and other medicines. These are easy to store in a container and don’t take up a lot of room. Include contacts and glasses in this section.
  • Entertainment and hobbies. If you have a hobby you enjoy, don’t deprive yourself of it during an assignment. Take what’s most important to you, whether it’s a set of golf clubs or a painting box.
  • Nursing files and important documents. This should include your driver’s license, car insurance, birth certificate, credit cards, copies of professional credentials, phone numbers of the facility and staff you’ll be interacting with, agenda, keys, photos, and personal mementos.
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