5 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors in Arizona

Arizona is a state with no shortage of natural beauty. Vacationers come every year to enjoy what the wilderness of Arizona has to offer. Whether you enjoy hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, or any other outdoor activities, Arizona has something for everyone. If you plan to move to Arizona or visit in the near future, take time to plan some activities that take advantage of the natural splendor of the Southwest in Arizona.

Hiking and Canyoneering in Arizona

Home to the Grand Canyon, there is no shortage of places to explore, hike, and climb in Arizona. Whether you want the full tourist experience at the Grand Canyon or would prefer to visit one of Arizona’s many national parks, Arizona has something for every lover of the outdoors. The Arizona Trail is an 800-mile stretch across the state from Utah to Mexico, and even those who don’t have the time to devote to a full trek can still enjoy hiking along this amazing National Scenic Trail.

The more adventurous visitors to Arizona may want to visit the Mogollon Rim for some rappelling and rock climbing. Punchbowl Lake and the Salt River offer fantastic swimming, tubing, and kayaking opportunities in beautiful natural landscapes. No matter what type of outdoor adventures you enjoy, Arizona offers tremendous variety.

Fun on the Water

Many people may not realize that Arizona is a prime location for watersports and boating. Despite being a landlocked state, the many lakes and rivers of Arizona offer great fun almost any time of the year. In Northern Arizona, Lake Powell offers beautiful scenery ideal for houseboating vacations. Western Arizona is home to Lake Havasu, often called “the Personal Watercraft Capital of the World.” In Central Arizona, Tempe Town Lake offers fun and relaxing paddle-boating adventures in a gorgeous two-mile stretch.

The Black Canyon is ideal for canoeing and kayaking as well as home to hot springs and a “sauna cave” you cannot find anywhere else. For those who enjoy rougher waters, the challenge of rafting through the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon is an experience unlike any other.

Fishing and Hunting

Arizona is home to an extremely diverse ecosystem with unique opportunities for fishermen and hunters. Try your hand at fly-fishing in the White Mountains, at the Imperial Reservoir, or Lees Ferry at the head of the Grand Canyon. Some of the top hunting game in Arizona include wild turkeys, elk, antelope, and javelina. The Arizona Game and Fish Department can help with licensing and seasonal information for hunters moving to or visiting Arizona.

Camping and RVing

For families taking RV vacations or anyone looking to relax at a gorgeous campsite, Arizona is home to many state parks with campsites and RV hookups and private campgrounds offering a range of amenities and accommodations. Whether you want to rent an RV within Arizona or bring your own during your vacation from out-of-state, any camper can find a fantastic location for some outdoor relaxation in Arizona.

Make Time to Appreciate History

After moving to Arizona or during an extended stay, be sure to visit the state’s historical sites at some point. Not only are some of these locations naturally picturesque, but they also tell a unique story about the indigenous people of the area and the historical significance of the Southwest United States.

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