5 Things to Do When Visiting Billings, Montana

Billings may not be the first place you think of when planning a travel destination, but it offers so much for visitors and residents alike. Billings has a lot of history as well as outdoor splendor. A small and busy town carved out by the Yellowstone River, there is no shortage of fun to be had in Billings.

Outdoor Adventures

Millions of years ago, most of Montana and the Western United States was under water, beneath the Western Interior Seaway extending from the Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. Over countless years, these waters subsided and carved out fantastic stretches of mountains extending from Canada to Mexico – including the Rockies. Billings offers many breathtaking natural landscapes you can experience at the Rimrocks, Pictograph Cave State Park, and Sacrifice Cliff.

Museums and Historical Sites

For those interested in natural and American history there are plenty of great places to visit in Billings. Dehler Park offers an amazing view of the Rimrocks, as well as a baseball park and small museum. Pictograph Cave State Park not only contains cave paintings that are thousands of years old, but also several picturesque hiking trails and picnicking spots. Pompeys Pillar is another popular historical attraction and the only physical evidence of the expedition of Lewis and Clark.

Educational Opportunities

Students and history buffs alike may want to plan a few field trips to some of the historical sites in Billings. The Moss Mansion is a Historic House Museum with beautifully restored and preserved original furnishings from a bygone era. ZooMontana is a wildlife sanctuary and botanical preserve in Billings that offers great fun and education for kids on school field trips or anyone else visiting Billings who wants to experience some of the local wildlife.

Great Cultural Activities and Places to Eat

Wine enthusiasts will enjoy a trip to Yellowstone Cellars & Winery to try some of Billings’ boutique wine offerings. While most people may think that the best barbecue comes from the South, visitors and newcomers to Billings will have no shortage of great BBQ restaurants to visit and local events with fantastic food. Metra Park is a fantastic place for watching rodeos and dog racing. DanWalt Gardens is a very popular wedding location and features beautiful and expansive grounds, carefully maintained flora, and gorgeous koi ponds.

Great City Attractions

Billings may be a relatively small city, but it is absolutely brimming with cultural delights, fantastic food, and no shortage of arts and entertainment to enjoy. You’ll find the usual favorite franchises like Applebee’s, Baskin Robbins, and Buffalo Wild Wings, but Billings is also home to many amazing local restaurants, microbreweries, and even private dining clubs. Even if you’re only staying in Billings for a short time on business or a family trip, there is plenty to do every day you’re here.

Billings may not be the first town that comes to mind when it comes to great places to visit in the Western U.S., but it offers the amenities you’ve come to expect in any major city with the charm of a small country town. Consider visiting Billings and add it to your list of potential places to live if you’re considering a fresh start in a new state.

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