4 Reasons to Make Travel Nursing Your New Year’s Resolution

With 2018 on the horizon, it’s time to make resolutions in the New Year. Why not make one of them an exciting career change? Many people long to experience life in a variety of places, but travel is expensive. Travel nursing lets you gain valuable experience, make new friends and travel to some of the most exciting cities in the United States. If you’ve ever wondered whether travel nursing is right for you, read on.


Experience a Range of Places


Have you always dreamed of starting over in a new city, but you’re afraid you’ll go through the expense and hassle of moving only to find you don’t like it? Travel nursing gives you the opportunity to choose from a list of exciting locations and try them out for a time – while earning money.


You have months to explore, so you can get to know all the best eating establishments, entertainment venues and outdoor opportunities. Instead of a permanent move, you live in temporary housing that feels like home but doesn’t require you to transport heavy furniture. Take assignments across the United States, and, when you’re ready to settle down, you’ll already have friends in your favorite place.


Grow Professionally


When you spend your career in one location, you’re only exposed to the same set of practicing methods and techniques. Travel nursing places you at some of the top research and teaching facilities where you benefit from cutting-edge training or rural hospitals where you have the chance to serve in a range of capacities. Add a mix of skills to your resume to make you an even more attractive candidate.


Earn More


Travel nurses receive excellent compensation packages that include high hourly wages, furnished housing, free medical insurance and in many cases, completion bonuses. Healthcare facilities compete to attract qualified staff in roles that are high demand or to meet seasonal needs. Take a position where you know you’ll make money with the peace of mind that comes from realizing if you want to move when the assignment is over, you’ll find a range of options elsewhere.


Reduced Cost of Living


Travel nursing companies generally pay for your housing. Work in cities where the cost of living is prohibitive even to people with high earning jobs and keep the money you would sink into rent in your pocket.


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