4 Reasons to Live in Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona has a lot to offer residents. Less well known than its larger neighbor to the north, Tucson has a unique local charm that you don’t find in a larger city like Phoenix. If you’re thinking of moving to the Southwest, or work is calling you to Tucson, you should have some idea of what to expect and the various benefits of the amazing Tucson area.

Tucson Is Naturally Beautiful

Tucson is almost completely surrounded by gorgeous mountain ranges. Not only does this mean stellar views of the American Southwest, interesting wildlife, and breathtaking sunsets, but also a warm and minimally variable climate with an average of more than 350 days of sunshine each year. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors will find no shortage of new and exciting places to explore the natural beauty of Tucson.

The various hiking paths, parks, and the amazing climate all make Tucson ideal for runners, bicyclists, hikers, and everyone else who enjoys the outdoors. Dog lovers can take their pets on most of the trails and throughout many parks in the Tucson area, and they are sure to enjoy the beautiful weather in Tucson as much as their owners do.

Health Benefits to Living in Tucson

The natural beauty of Tucson also has some practical benefits. Homeowners generally don’t need to worry about natural disasters aside from occasional wildfires, but the fire prevention protections in place throughout Tucson are stellar. Tucson also consistently ranks among the top U.S. cities for air quality. In 2013, the American Lung Association rated Tucson as having the best air quality of any American city based on the results of a 24-hour particle pollution test.

High Quality of Living

The Tucson area’s median home price is just shy of $200,000 making it somewhat expensive compared to other areas of Arizona. However, the exchange is well worth it in the form of a thriving local economy, great transportation options, and low unemployment. Although house prices may be a bit higher in Tucson, housing costs in the area are significantly below the national average. The Oro Valley, a northern suburb of Tucson, recently ranked as one of the safest areas in all of Arizona.

Amenities With Small Town Charm

Tucson may be home to more than a million people, but the bustling metropolitan areas of Tucson still hold a relaxing and upbeat atmosphere. There are countless museums, restaurants, and cultural centers throughout the Tucson area. Many believe that Tucson is a perfect example of how a city should grow and expand without neglecting its roots. History lovers will enjoy the many historical sites in Tucson, and the city offers something new to enjoy every day.

One of the most commonly reported benefits of living in Tucson is that the area offers all of the modern conveniences and amenities one would expect of any major American city but in a charming, relaxed atmosphere that feels like a small town. If you’re considering a move to Arizona in the near future, make sure Tucson is on the top of your list of possible places to settle.

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