3 Reasons Why Staffing Firms Use Personality Tests

Many medical staffing agencies use personality assessments as a part of the interview process. While at first glance this may seem like an unnecessary procedure, it’s actually extremely important, especially in the healthcare industry. Staffing agencies evaluate candidates’ qualifications in a number of ways. Basic prescreening procedures, like credentialing and background checks, serve to determine a candidates’ minimum qualifications. These tests tell a staffing agency if the candidate is able to meet the requirements of a position. Most medical staffing agencies also pass candidates through extensive personality testing and skills assessments. These tests benefit everyone, from the staffing agency and the hospital to the candidates themselves.

How Personality Tests Benefit Candidates

Personality tests are designed to find the main components in a candidates’ working personality. They determine the type of employee the candidate will be, the environment in which they will excel, and what motivates them. This allows staffing agencies to place candidates in jobs that are right for them. The staffing agency wants candidates to love their jobs, for the sake of the hospital and the candidate.

How Personality Tests Benefit Hospitals

Hospitals often need to fill open roles quickly and with high-quality candidates. Often times, they don’t have the time or resources needed to find these types of candidates. When staffing agencies screen candidates, they are assessing both their qualifications and their ability to fit into a certain position. All medical facilities have their own company culture, patient care procedures, and workflow. Staffing agencies make sure that the candidates’ personality aligns with the needs of the hospital. This leads to increased retention rates and happier employees.

How Personality Tests Benefit Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies benefit from these tests as well. Because they are able to understand the candidates’ personality in-depth, they are able to make better placement choices. Staffing agencies work with a list of clients who depend on them to consistently supply great employees when needed. Staffing agencies who use personality testing can confidently place candidates in positions that will be a good fit for everyone. This, of course, results in happier clients and more referrals.

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